Sharing the love for what you do

In many years of virtual travels through many online communities, I have met amazing individuals who do incredible work. Passionate Voices is an experiment designed to capture their stories — to share them with the world, and preserve them for the historical record.

Our focus is on makers, writers, thinkers, and artists, especially those who share their work freely and online, so that it is easy for anyone who hears their voice to connect with what they do.

The medium of videoconferencing creates the possibility to conduct in-depth interviews with subjects anywhere in the world easily, and it will be the primary medium we’ll try using here. All the content we create (videos, blog posts, etc.) will be free forever, under CC-0.

You should get involved! See our community page for information how. We’ll get started soon, and I hope you’ll join us for the ride, to share your passion, to listen in, or to be part.

Erik Moeller, April 2015

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